Generate your application easily

ModuleStudio is a model-driven development environment with which one can quickly, simply and efficiently describe and generate web applications. Software developers can create complex modules in a few steps and meet individual project requirements with them.


ModuleStudio 1.0.2 has been released

ModuleStudio 1.0.2 brings a number of bugfixes for both the tooling as well as the generator. Also some new features are included, like support for Scribite 6.0 and… >read more

ModuleStudio 1.0.1 has been released

The first service update for ModuleStudio 1.0 includes several bugfixes, for example regarding the generated UI hook providers. Furthermore ModuleStudio 1.0.1 also features some new features: A new Copy project action allows to duplicate the current project using a new name. A new generator setting for generating a block… >read more

ModuleStudio 1.0.0 has been released

ModuleStudio 1.0.0 has the same functionality as the 0.7.5 version . Nevertheless the target platform used by default is not Zikula 1.5 anymore, but Zikula 2.0 building on Symfony 3. Support for Zikula 1.4 has… >read more

What is ModuleStudio

ModuleStudio rapidly simplifies the creation, maintenance and customisation of applications for Zikula. It speeds up this process and ensures quality of those applications at the same time. Applications can be designed or customised in a graphical editor and then the code is generated. In this way, the process is automated speeding up development time and quality many hundred fold. Maintenance and… >read more

Modeling instead of Coding


Advantages of ModuleStudio

Model-driven development with ModuleStudio and Zikula has a multitude of advantages. The biggest advantage is that the bulk of Zikula applications do not have to be programmed anymore as they are described by a long-living model. One can build databases independent from their technical implementation. ModuleStudio has a simple and intuitive user interface which makes the modeling process easy and accurate.… >read more


Validation instead of certification of 3rd party framework modules

Validation instead of certification of 3rd party framework modules

Unbreakable software! How long have we been dreaming of that. Unfortunately, it is still a dream despite enormous technological innovations in the area of software engineering, because architectural changes cause the need for complex testing and subsequent efforts again and again. With ModuleStudio there is a way without much work available. Third-party applications for the Zikula… >read more

»MOST is a truly amazing technology that allows to create extremely complex Zikula applications with almost no coding involved. You can add new functionality and ModuleStudio will maintain your application code for you.«

-- Karma Dordrak, former Zikula Project Lead Developer