ModuleStudio 1.1.0 has been released

ModuleStudio 1.1.0 has been released pdf

ModuleStudio 1.1.0 introduces several new features and further simplifications in order to provide enhanced usability as well as improved flexibility. In the tooling some unused elements have been removed and integration of the textual editor has been continued.

A number of innovations have been incorporated into the modelling language. First, all entity field types can now also be utilised for configuring variables. So you can now use many more options and field types for configuration pages, e.g. colours, countries, locales, timezones, email addresses, uploads, date intervals, expanded lists, and so on. Second, similar field types have been unified: date and time fields have been merged into datetime fields; fields for decimal and float numbers have been replaced by a common number field. Furthermore several new properties have been added, for example there are a new upload naming scheme for user defined file names, relationship based permission inheritance, a more fine-grained configuration of relationship editing behaviour and new generator settings for technical documentation and flexible control of how item actions should be placed and presented at view and display pages.

The generator of ModuleStudio 1.1.0 has been enhanced to support all mentioned DSL amendments. But also some additional features have been included. For example slug support has been extended to utilise tree slug handlers and relative slug handlers. Start and end date filters are also applied for related items. Module variables are now handled in a dedicated AppSettings class which also allows for easy addition of custom behaviour, like for example clearing the cache after a specific setting has been changed. Permission based filtering has been added for view pages. If configured in the model, also relation-based permission filtering is done for view and display pages. Category-based permissions checks already had been added earlier by the way. We also added support for embedded editing of related objects as an alternative to inline editing. Loggable support has been further improved, e.g. item actions are now avoided for previewing deleted items and the handling of identifier and version during undeletion of loggable entities has been improved. The configured thumbnail mode for an image upload field is now also used for shrinking original images. The new support for different placements and styles for item actions allows to have various types of presentations, like normal links, icons only, buttons, dropdown menus or button groups. Finally, the generation of technical documentation reports creates nice stand-alone HTML files for a structural overview and the technical complexity of a given application.

Of course ModuleStudio 1.1.0 also contains a lot of bugfixes. As always, all details can be seen in the changelog.