ModuleStudio 1.3.2 has been released

ModuleStudio 1.3.2 has been released pdf

ModuleStudio 1.3.2 is now available and introduces several new features and further simplifications. Particularly the generator has been significantly enhanced to support even more functionality and different combinations of multiple extensions. The majority of these improvements has been implemented as part of rewriting the popular Content module for Zikula 2. Here is an uncomplete list of the most important innovations in the generator of ModuleStudio 1.3.2:

  • Added permission helper to simplify implementations of custom permission layers.
  • Re-enabled support for Content types in Zikula 2.x by migrating them to Content 5.
  • Fixed design problem with upload files handling (file names and file objects are stored in different fields now).
  • Many improvements with regards to handling tree nodes (including support for multiple tree hierarchies).
  • Possibility to limit loggable history by amount of log entries or date intervals.
  • Log entries have an additional field for storing an extended description of the executed action which produced a log entry. This is shown in both the normal history view as well as the list of deleted items (which helps to identify a specific one).
  • Many further enhancements for revisioning functionality (loggable entities).
  • Added revision handling for translations (combining loggable with translatable).
  • Enhanced history and diff views showing changes per language for translatable entities.
  • Translatable performance fix.
  • Several fixes for enhanced slug scenarios, like tree slugs, relative slugs, translatable slugs.
  • Added events for amending or extending item actions menu.
  • Default filters from CollectionFilterHelper are also applied to selections of single entities by default.
  • Added configuration settings to control usage of moderation fields in edit forms of entities with standard fields.
  • Added configuration setting for whether only own entries should be shown on view pages by default or not.
  • Automatically preset language/locale fields in entity initialiser.
  • Added more differentiated subjects for workflow notification mails.
  • Improved image handling for PDF output.
  • Improved visualisation of boolean field states using bootstrap text classes.
  • Always show boolean fields on display pages.
  • Improved dynamic checks for hook enablements.

Of course ModuleStudio 1.3.2 also contains lots of bugfixes. As always, all details can be seen in the changelog.