What is ModuleStudio

What is ModuleStudio pdf

ModuleStudio rapidly simplifies the creation, maintenance and customisation of applications for Zikula. It speeds up this process and ensures quality of those applications at the same time. Applications can be designed or customised in a graphical editor and then the code is generated. In this way, the process is automated speeding up development time and quality many hundred fold. Maintenance and customisation also benefit from this process via graphical modeling and code generation.

The model-driven development not only improves technical and qualitative factors, but also has concrete financial advantages. The software models are the functional properties of the desired software on an abstract level. The technical programming is done by ModuleStudio automatically. The high automation degree helps the user to increase productivity significantly. Since essential efforts for development and testing the source code can be skipped, speed, productivity and efficiency are tremendously increased.

By using ModuleStudio compliance with the Zikula Application Framework API standard and security compliance are ensured. Error handling and improvements are included centrally in the generator, therefore the quality of all created extensions is on a constant high level. New generator versions allow to create new code for new Zikula versions from existing models, so that also long-term maintenance of software in production state is possible without difficulties.

For maximum efficiency, IT professionals can build up a library of models to create similar applications in record speed, and at the same time all applications can be kept up to date and maintained also in the long-term without exploding efforts. With this approach ModuleStudio will pay for itself in after just a few projects. ModuleStudio can even be downloaded and used for free. Everybody can build his own Zikula applications this way without huge previous knowledge or experience. We are happy about plenty of feedback for further improvement.