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This page shows a number of modules created with ModuleStudio. If your application is missing here, just send us a message.

Name Description Author(s) Demo GitHub
AddressList An address book application with categorised contact persons. Guite soon
Ad-Share Comprehensive application for an ad revenue system. Guite urlurlurlurlurlurlurlurl
AgencyClients Management of agency clients and suppliers. Guite

AgencyJobs Job management with time tracking and accounting. Guite

CandidateCheck Database for political candidates. Guite url
CampManager Application for organisation of conferences and other events. Guite url
ChargeStations Module for acquisition and geo-referenced search of service stations for electronically powered vehicles. Gabriel Freinbichler

Connector Import and export data from arbitrary modules, with flexible UI and logging. Guite

ConstructionProjects Basic project management for a technical portfolio. Guite soon
ContentLayouts Management and application of additional layouts for the Content module. Guite

ContentPool Module for content excahgen between multiple Zikula sites within a Multisites system. Guite

Dashboard The Dashboard module allows users to create their own home page. ansch
EjubaAddresses Management of addresses and important houses for church-related institutions. Guite soon
EjubaEvents Calendar and event management with registration possibility. Guite soon
EjubaMaterials Database for materials, downloads and link recommendations. Guite soon
EjubaSetting Configuration of site-specific settings, like layout variants, within the frame of a Multisites system. Guite

Eternizer Guestbook module with considerable range of functions. Michael Ueberschaer url url
FreelancerProjects Application for operating a site with project exchange and freelancer directory. Includes functions for applications and automated project creation with different data sources. Guite

GuiQuiz This modules allows the creation and performance of a quiz. Guite url
HandyDB Database with telephony data for organising devices, cards, items on loan and other artifacts. Guite

HistoricProducts Management of historic and ancient product offerings. Guite url
IukEvents Application-specific event management with participients. Guite

JsMaterials Simple management of promo materials with minimalistic order function. Guite url
JsRefPool A database for a pool of referents. Guite url
JuFeBo Application for operating multiple holiday exchanges, increased in value by comprehensive functional extensions. Guite urlurl
KnowledgeBase Archive for recurring questions and answers, with categorisation and rating possibilities. Guite url
KongProjects Database for managing projects for a design portfolio. Guite url
LeisurePlaces Catalog of hourses and institutions with numerous features. Guite url
Lexikon Module for managing and displaying different term definitions. Gabriel Freinbichler url
Logger Module for logging different automatic actions, offers monitoring and notifications on problems. Gabriel Freinbichler url
MenuSuggestion Webshop add-on for wine offerings combined with menu recommendations, recipes and cooking tips. Guite url
Modular webshop system Collection of more than ten individual modules which can be flexibly combined for ecommerce applications and are geared to project-specific enhancements. Guite urlurlurlurlurl
MostAdmin The module with which the website content of is managed. Supports multiple languages and additional functions, like integration of video tutorials. Guite url
MUArtists Artist management with releases, events etc. for record labels. Michael Ueberschaer urlurlurl
MUBoard Small forums module for Zikula. Michael Ueberschaer
MUFiles An application for managing files. Michael Ueberschaer
MUFlash An application for managing flash files. Michael Ueberschaer
MUImage An application for managing images. Michael Ueberschaer
MUNews A module for publishing news articles. Michael Ueberschaer
Michael Ueberschaer

Michael Ueberschaer

MUSeo This module improves SEO capabilities in Zikula by injecting meta data for arbitrary other modules and pages. Michael Ueberschaer
MUSound Management and usage of audio files. Michael Ueberschaer
Michael Ueberschaer url
MUTicket Ticket management for support purposes. Michael Ueberschaer
MUTransport Transport of content from module to module or CMS to Zikula. Michael Ueberschaer
MUVideo Manage and embed videos. Michael Ueberschaer
MwcMath Database with mathematic learning content for different federal states, graduations, school types, specialities and class rooms. Guite url
MwcPayment Payment module for managing plans and licences, with automatic payment processing and invoicing. Guite url
MyPortfolio Database for portfolio projects with varying key subjects and partners. Guite url
OperativeProjects Database for managing projects for a design portfolio. Guite url
Photostream Allows the creation of photo streams based on several photo entries. Gabriel Freinbichler url
PlantManager Management of botanic families, genres and colours, equipped with extensive functionality. Guite url
RecipeManager Recipe database with ingredients, categorisation and different reporting functions. Guite url
RideBoard Ride board for sharing rides for events. Guite url
ScheduleManager Planning application for agendas on conferences or other events. Guite url
SharingManager Module for sharing data with other users. Gabriel Freinbichler url
SimpleClaims Basic module for creating and rating claims. Guite url
SimpleClients A simple client management with geo functions and office-based document creation. Guite

SimpleLists Flexible todo manager with ajax-driven user interface and drag n drop functions. Guite

SimpleMedia 2 Future media management for Zikula. Zikula Community
SimplePolls Application for creating and evaluating basic polls. Guite url
SimpleProductList Simple product management with minimalistic order function. Guite urlurl
SimpleVarieties A database for different varieties. Guite soon
SurveyManager New development of the module for creating and operating complex surveys. Guite

TokenManager Module for managing access tokens for external applications. Gabriel Freinbichler url
Trails Module for managing and visualising trails. Gabriel Freinbichler url
Tweetie Module for publishing content via Twitter. wellenreiter
VerySimpleDownload Simple download management. Ralf Köster
VineyardManager Application for managing vineyards, with dynamic graph creation. Guite soon
Wasserkarte Application for creating navigational charts and hydrant plans for fire departments. Gabriel Freinbichler url
YouthWorkout Application for creating individual workout plans for youth athletics. Guite url
Zeitnehmung Easy organisation of time tracking for sport events, supports decentralised capture by mobile devices. Gabriel Freinbichler